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We just need faith!!!

16 Jan

I have been reading a lot these days. Lots of interesting things, specially the spiritual ones and the word of God.  One of my favorite reading topics is the faith.

In my spiritual walk I have learn to be a woman of faith. In the last couple of years my faith has grown so much. For over five years I have prayed for something that has never come to reality. Not that God hasn’t answered, He did, but life changed how things were going. That doesn’t mean I have to stop trusting God and waiting on that dream to come true. I still pray for it. I still have FAITH!!! In this new year I’m keeping my up, my crazy faith, how I call it. 😉

Hebrews 11 talks about all the people in the bible that had great faith. I believe there are different levels of faith. In my opinion not everyone has the same faith. I strongly believe that we have to live in faith and by faith.

I will come back with more thoughts about this and my favorite bible faith characters.Image

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