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New ideas, many thoughts, many plans, new opportunities!

6 Mar

I have always being a dreamer and a planner, BIG time. Somehow I always come up with thoughts of new ideas for things I want to make, or plans I have for my life. My dear husband gets nuts when I start talking about all the things I want to accomplish before we get too old. Sometimes is too much for him! And, of course he is part of those plans! 😉

So we have always talked about business plans and we pray often for the businesses that we would love to have. The thing is that those businesses require a substantial amount of money to start running and we can’t right now. But, this week we came up with a great idea of something that we can start as a small business from home. This is something I made in the past and I’m excited about trying it again. My husband is on board with this and I can’t wait to start! We might be having our first sale at an upcoming Street Bazaar where I will be selling my jewelry very soon. << That opportunity came straight to my email, I didn’t contact anyone for it. Good is so good!!!

More info and pics will come soon! 🙂

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