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Delicious pastries, shocking sale!

12 Mar


I posted yesterday on my other blog that my husband and I were about to start our new “business venture” in faith. It was our first time selling my pastries at my in laws restaurant and to our surprised, it went great! God is awesome! I sold all the bags that I prepared and people asked for more. Now I have a new order to prepare because the restaurant’s employees even want to buy more of them.

Baking these “pastelillos” is a lot of work but is all worth the sacrifice for our dreamed babies. :) So help me God.


New ideas, many thoughts, many plans, new opportunities!

6 Mar

I have always being a dreamer and a planner, BIG time. Somehow I always come up with thoughts of new ideas for things I want to make, or plans I have for my life. My dear husband gets nuts when I start talking about all the things I want to accomplish before we get too old. Sometimes is too much for him! And, of course he is part of those plans! 😉

So we have always talked about business plans and we pray often for the businesses that we would love to have. The thing is that those businesses require a substantial amount of money to start running and we can’t right now. But, this week we came up with a great idea of something that we can start as a small business from home. This is something I made in the past and I’m excited about trying it again. My husband is on board with this and I can’t wait to start! We might be having our first sale at an upcoming Street Bazaar where I will be selling my jewelry very soon. << That opportunity came straight to my email, I didn’t contact anyone for it. Good is so good!!!

More info and pics will come soon! 🙂



14 Jan

I saw this today. I so need it to read it and remind myself that He not only knows what He’s doing, but He has great plans for my life. Praise God!

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