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Being in agreement

9 Jan

Recently there was thread discussion in an internet ladies Christian board that I’m part of. One of the ladies asked for advice and prayer because her husband wants to start a business with a friend and wants to be roommates with this friend and his family for a year in order to save some money. The lady said that her husband planned this with his friend and even asked for his pastor’s blessing without taking her concerns into consideration. She has many reasons to oppose to this plan. They have a little girl and the other family has a teenager plus a dog. They are in their twenties and the other couple in their thirties, etc.. She is upset about it, and has been crying for days. She is pregnant and does not want to live with another family under the same roof for a year for the sake of a business and saving some money. The discussion has been going on and on because apparently she still needs prayer since her husband is ignoring her opinion and/or not agreeing with her and using the submission card.

Well, I gave her my advice as everyone else did. Of course I told her I would never agree with my dear husband in such decision. Never!!! I told her to pray about it and talk with him again. I posted the following verse on the thread for her to read it to her husband-

Can two walk together, except they be agreed? Amos 3:3

I have been thinking about this lately and today I read that verse again. Not only that, I did some research and some soul searching. What I’m going to write is from my heart.

So often we hear about the wife having to submit to her husband because he is the head of the house and the bible says so. I agree with that to certain extent. I strongly believe that when I made my covenant with my husband and God years ago in an altar; I became one flesh with my husband and I agreed to be his soul mate and partner, not a doormat. Yes partners, that’s how I see it. Two partners that became one. We are on the same team and God is our coach. For me that means that we have to make the family important decisions together and pray together. If one doesn’t agree, that partner will not be happy and the decision should not be make it. Is very clear that in Amos 3:3 the bible is talking about the unity in the body of Christ, the church. How the people will be in unity with God if they don’t agree with each other or with God? Same in marriage, we need UNITY. We need to agree so we can be in peace and walk together. I believe submission is misuse very often and many wife’s live unhappy because they feel they don’t have a voice in their own house. That is sad. But every marriage has to deal with their own situations.

I as a wife know that I have to pray for myself and for my husband often. I believe prayer is a very powerful weapon. I pray with him every morning before he goes to work, and many times at night before he goes to bed. But I pray for him every time he is going to preach at the jail and every time I feel in my spirit that he needs my prayer to cover him. This prayers connect us with God and also help us connect in spirit with each other so we can be in agreement.

*I’m not trying to “look or sound” like we have a perfect marriage or that we agree in everything. We don’t!! This is work in process 🙂

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