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Delicious pastries, shocking sale!

12 Mar


I posted yesterday on my other blog that my husband and I were about to start our new “business venture” in faith. It was our first time selling my pastries at my in laws restaurant and to our surprised, it went great! God is awesome! I sold all the bags that I prepared and people asked for more. Now I have a new order to prepare because the restaurant’s employees even want to buy more of them.

Baking these “pastelillos” is a lot of work but is all worth the sacrifice for our dreamed babies. :) So help me God.


We just need faith!!!

16 Jan

I have been reading a lot these days. Lots of interesting things, specially the spiritual ones and the word of God.  One of my favorite reading topics is the faith.

In my spiritual walk I have learn to be a woman of faith. In the last couple of years my faith has grown so much. For over five years I have prayed for something that has never come to reality. Not that God hasn’t answered, He did, but life changed how things were going. That doesn’t mean I have to stop trusting God and waiting on that dream to come true. I still pray for it. I still have FAITH!!! In this new year I’m keeping my up, my crazy faith, how I call it. 😉

Hebrews 11 talks about all the people in the bible that had great faith. I believe there are different levels of faith. In my opinion not everyone has the same faith. I strongly believe that we have to live in faith and by faith.

I will come back with more thoughts about this and my favorite bible faith characters.Image

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