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Long time, busy life, blessed life!

3 Mar

I haven’t post in a while. I have been busy with my accessories business and with several new things going on in my life. But in the middle of all the things of this life, the Lord has been very good. We just have to sit and analyze all the blessings we have. And, of course be Thankful! Sometimes is better to dance under the rain and look at the rainbows than complaint about the rain! 😉



A word about fasting & protection

8 Jan

I was reading on the book of Samuel how the people of God (Israel) obeyed Him after He told them through Samuel to repent of their sins and get rid of all the worldly gods they had. They were asked to prepared their hearts too and to meet and fast together. They did all that. After they did it the enemy came to attack them and they asked God to protect them. God did it! He protected His people and they enemy was destroyed. (We are on the wining team!)

This is a great lesson! This is just an example of what God can do when we seek Him with prayer and fasting. We do our part and He does His part. He will never forsake us!

1 Samuel 7: 1-17

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