A word about fasting & protection

8 Jan

I was reading on the book of Samuel how the people of God (Israel) obeyed Him after He told them through Samuel to repent of their sins and get rid of all the worldly gods they had. They were asked to prepared their hearts too and to meet and fast together. They did all that. After they did it the enemy came to attack them and they asked God to protect them. God did it! He protected His people and they enemy was destroyed. (We are on the wining team!)

This is a great lesson! This is just an example of what God can do when we seek Him with prayer and fasting. We do our part and He does His part. He will never forsake us!

1 Samuel 7: 1-17


New year, new fast

7 Jan

Every year our church does the Daniel Fast for 21 days. It’s a corporate fast, no one is forced but everyone is encouraged to be part of it. Fasting at the beginning of the year is a great discipline to give God the first sacrifice and expect Him to take control of our year.

My husband and I have been committed to fast for a few years and is great to have the support of each other. At the beginning it was hard!! Specially in the mornings when wanted to drink coffee so bad! Now, we are used to the Daniel Fast, but still not easy. Is 21 days of submitting the desire of eating whatever we want to eat healthy foods while we read the word and seek God. During this time I cut on watching tv (still watch it, but not a lot) and chatting on facebook and use that time to uplift my spirit.

Today is our second day fasting. I went grocery shopping with my mother. It was great. We went to an Asian market and bought all kinds of fruits, roots, greens and veggies for the fast. Our kitchen is pack with healthy stuff! 🙂

This will be a great time. I’m sure that awesome blessings will be send from heaven to us during this year!

Mathew 6:16

Daniel 9:3, 20


I’m dreaming with a business

3 Jan

Yes, I am. I have been dreaming with a business for years. I would love for my husband and I to be restaurant’s owners. Why? Because he loves the restaurant’s businesses and have worked in several. He has lots of experience in restaurants even thou that is not his first job. But, I’m also dreaming with my own business, I want to have a boutique, but not just any kind of boutique. I want to have a very affordable, cute boutique where I would sell: clothes, shoes, my jewelry, handbags, christian decor, coffee and yummy pastries. Yes, all that!!!

I have so many ideas in my mind of what I want. I’m praying and asking God to guide me. Today I did some online research and found a great place where I can order clothes from. I also went  with hubby to see a house that was (yes, is sold 😦 ) for sale in an area that I really like and would be a great place to have a business since is inside a downtown near us. The house is sold! I’m so sad about that. But, I’m going to continue my search. This dream will continue until the Lord help me make it a reality 😉

Homemade gifts

30 Dec

I bought a few gifts for my family but I want it to make others because there is something special about homemade gifts. I really like them! So I made some. Here are my Christmas mason jars with delicious candies in it.>>Image

Christmas gifts

19 Dec

I’m very “special” about giving gifts. I love to buy gifts thinking about the person(s) that I’m buying for and what he/she likes. Is not always easy! Most of the time I go the extra mile and end up spending more than what I planned. Sometimes I don’t have enough money to buy what I want, so I see that as an opportunity to give a handmade gift. I love handmade gifts! And yesterday my husband asked me to make a set of jewelry as a Christmas gift for someone special to him. He requested  the color to match with the  person’s eyes and I decided to choose green jade stones for that. Here is the gift:photo(236)

Tutus- My new creations

13 Dec

I have always love girls and all things related to be a girly girl. I also love ballet and of course the girls outfits. I decided to start making tutus because they are really cute. Here is my very first one that I made as a Christmas gift for my best friend’s baby girl. I hope she likes it!ImageImage

My first “Jewelry Trunk Show”

11 Dec

I have a friend that owns a beauty salon. He is a great stylist, he is my stylist! I love what he  does with my hair every time I go there. Anyway, he invited me to sell at his salon. Yay!!! I’m very excited. I will be having my first Trunk Show at his place this next Saturday. I’m getting ready and I made this announcement for our facebook friends.>>Image,


Santa visited the Bazaar

9 Dec

Santa visited the Bazaar

This nice gentleman looked like the real Santa! And he posed for me 🙂


He opens doors of blessings!

9 Dec

He opens doors of blessings!

Table at a Christmas Bazaar

I have had the blessing of selling at different Christmas Bazaars for the first time. It has been a great business experience! Thank you God!
For more pics of the Bazaars, check out my store page:www.facebook.com/Creationsbyflo

Finally I started a blog!

8 Dec

For long time a have been thinking about blogging and never took the time to do it until now. This might not be a daily activity in my life, but I hope it will help me keep my motivation about sharing my arts & crafts and most importantly my jewelry from Creations by Flo.


I will try to keep up with this plus, my business- http://www.facebook.com/Creationsbyflo

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